oil paintings

Revisit to Weegee’s Summer on the Lower East Side (1937) (Hey Arnold dub/Dr. Strangelove edition) [] 2012 – 2014  [] Oil on Canvii [] 122 x 152 cm

This painting is a memory. Glowing and worn. Representing Light and Dark. Good and Evil. Love and Fear. At first glance you see laughter and excitement, a moment that shines through reality. In a time when the economy was crumbling, these kids found a way to lose themselves in joy. The photo itself is a jewel considering Weegee usually spent the day sleeping and preparing to shoot the grimy NY streets at night.

This painting represents my wealth. Not profit. Free time, opportunities and resources. Direction, knowledge and skill. It is a reminder of my luck and fortune.


Ellyphant Blood
Oil on Canvii
40 x 50 cm

Color and safari animals. Makes for a radiating and attractive image. Bold but camouflaged. This is what it looks like when the spirit of a creature vibrates with the natural surroundings it thrives in.

Frozen in Layers []  2012  [] Oil on Canvii  []  30 x 60 cm

Stop what you are doing and reflect on where you stand. Completely random wherever it may be. See yourself through whatever filter necessary. Notice how stuck you are in the moment. Integrated, while stopped dead in time’s tracks. Would’ve been forgotten or looked over. You see yourself frozen in time.

 Tranquility Above
Oil on Canvii
45 x 60 cm

A moment of bliss when you and nature become one. The same energy resonates throughout both of you. And you are lost but feel at home, submersed in a state where time doesn’t exist.

Mortal Kombat
Oil on Canvii
40 x 50 cm

Began as an anthropological and spiritual painting, far in the past but also in the future. You get in the zone, lost in the moment, and health doesn’t exist. Time doesn’t exist. You have no concept of either because you are only in the now. You are living in your prime. Not worried about the past nor anxious about the future. You are right where and when you need to be, and everything flies by.



experience a painting

The Artist

AGE: 24

Location: Fayetteville, AR

Improve the world with art. Use art in many different ways. Use it to inspire. Change mood. Create funds for the purpose of benefiting others. Explore Consciousness. Make the world more favorable. Encourage, support life and equality. Contribute. Spread something good to the planet. Somewhere for a community to experience.

Stimulate and heal the mind. Evoke thought, encourage it.

Bring a moment back to life. Re-energize a moment. Immerse in that feeling and reactivate your senses. Revamp the memory. Reflect on the memory and learn.

Resonate with people through art. Filter out lower emotions. Jump start change.

Contribute something positive to the culture and enrich life. Create history. Share history

Seek my passion. A subtle mystery




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